Parents of choir members are invited to join the Cougar Choir Boosters at the beginning of each year. This organization is the primary support group of the CSHS Choir Department. Parents may volunteer to assist in a variety of ways. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED AND APPRECIATED!!!

The Cougar Choir Booster Club exists to:

  • Provide support for the advancement of the choral program at College Station High School.
  • Encourage parent and community involvement in choir activities
  • Provide financial assistance for choir activities and scholarship opportunities
  • Assist in publicizing Choir events and student accomplishments.
  • Promote student participation in the choral music program.
  • Enhance the quality of choral music at College Station High School

Cougar Choir Booster Club Members:

Marybeth & Jason Hoover

Mezzo Forte
Lisa & Markus Nimocks
Kim Pritchard
Jennifer South
Dr. & Mrs. Andy Strohmeyer

Eric & Andrea Cowey
Roger & Pam Durden
Fred & Mari Gomez
Kim Howe

Booster Plus
Resty Villegas

Val & Elaine Gomulka
Christin Lyday
Meichun Jin


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